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“You know that thing that happens when you're reading something and bam all of a sudden every thing is blurry and you're full of tears and all the feels hit you like a freight train? I just got that by reading your tags in your last post when you said "Nobody is every unwanted" etc, you (and your "for your 3ams") and hannah hart are the two people who never fail to remind me that I'm wanted, loved, "not wired wrong" etc. (Not really sure how to put it all in words, but wanted to say thank you)”
— asked by Anonymous


Damn. Just wow, thank you.

I could tell you this 1000x a day and never get tired of it: You are loved. You’re valued. You’re wanted. You are worth so much more than you could ever imagine. 

Excuse me while I just go sob quietly in the corner from feels. <3

“You are SLAYING with the Taylor gifs. LOVE”
— asked by Anonymous

Hey girl heyyyyy. Thanks yo!

mckinnna said: Totally should’ve used a “I wear my sunglasses at night” gif…

YASSSSS! Such a missed opportunity!

“"Hannah’s lips are there, insistent and infinite, happiness bubbling between them like the frothy surf of breaking waves. This is how Hannah learns to breathe water, her heart sealing airtight. Whole. A buoyant rebirth of bedlam and saltwater. She has never been happier to swim." I want to etch this onto my body somehow. These words are definitely already etched onto my soul because they are EVERYTHING.”
— asked by Anonymous

OMG I might pass out! Are you the same person from before? All I know is you are nice and these compliments are making me light headed!

“"Fingers reach to grasp slender hips and Hannah is whispering her name into the universe in a tone that reminds Grace of hot chocolate and that moment in the middle of a hillside bicycle descent when you finally catch enough speed to lift your legs off the pedals and just enjoy the ride, all breathless freedom and the world at your feet." EXCUSE ME!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS”
— asked by Anonymous

*just squees*

“Running Water & Suitcase Hearts is fantastic. I literally hold my breath the entire time I read because your words keep me on edge. The entire concept of the suitcase heart is.. I don't know how to word how much I loved it. Thank you for taking the time to write this and please know that I am now planning romantic empty tub encounters while sitting lonely on the floor of my shower now (well not right now, I NEED A WATERPROOF LAPTOP)”
— asked by Anonymous

Ahhhh this is making me flail about a bit because hi! You are like, a really hella nice person for saying all these things and then taking the time to send them to my inbox so I can stare at them with googly eyes for a bit.

And YAS! Why is there no waterproof laptop yet!? If there can be a vibrator that you take in the bath with you, why NOT a computer?! Just laziness I think on technology folks part. 

“Dudeeeeeeeeee. People don't have roots for a reason. Like thats some deep shit. I am in awe and you are awesome and i hope you write so much more because i can't wait to get my eyeballs on it. Thanks for posting”
— asked by Anonymous

Dudddeeee it is some deep shit! It’s so interesting to think that trees and plants end up planted and tied by nature and all its wildness and as humans, we all get to go whenever we want. We can just pick up and run and uproot our lives for any purpose we see fit. I think it’s so amazing when people stay together because every day they are saying, yes, you, I pick you, just by waking up in the same bed with them.

And you’re so welcome - thank you for the sweetness!

“Jenna, you're a genius! I love "Running Water and Suitcase Hearts". glorious is all I can say. oh, and also thank you for sharing your talented writing with us :D”
— asked by Anonymous

Umm hello! Hola. Bonjour. This is a really kind thing to say and you are a kind grey person and I support your grey life and your grey loveliness and I promise never to judge the fact that you are totes wearing those sunglasses at night.

Also, thank you for letting me fool you into thinking I am a genius and please do feel free to spread that rumor around repeatedly!

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